Friday, 30 November 2007 5s

5 most versatile actors alive
Daniel Day-Lewis
Johnny Depp
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Forest Whitaker
Sean Penn

Top 5 movies that I have seen this year
Lions for Lambs
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
3:10 to Yuma
The Bourne Ultimatum

Honourable mentions for Atonement and American Gangster.

Top 5 best things currently on TV (excluding any reality TV)

The Wire (arguably the best TV show ever made along with The Sopranos)
Entourage - Funniest thing on TV bar none
Heroes - Sort out Hiro's storyline sha it is a bit wack right now.
Grey's Anatomy (although this has slipped a bit this season and I may replace with Lost which is slowly getting back into my good books)
CSI - Consistently brilliant

Special mention goes to 24 which would have made the list if not for the debacle that was Season 6.

Top 5 people that may one day drive me to murder
- Middle lane drivers on motorways
- Malnourished, council estate women, who smoke outside bingo halls and wear leggings.
- People who wear fucking hats in the gym. WHY?
- Twats who use an ATM machine for anything else other than withdrawing cash. There are people behind you! Also those that use multiple cards
- Babangida. The man that made corruption okay in Nigeria.

Top 5 books that I have read this year
The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Moshin Hamid (Sweet sweet prose)
On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan (Simple. Concise. A master at the top of his game)
The Gift Of Rain by Tan Twan Eng (The best postcolonial novel I have read in a long long time and I include Half of a Yellow Sun in that assessment)
Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson (This is a translation from Norwegian. You may not read a better novella on the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and solitude)
Matrimony by Joshua Henkin (if you are married, read it. Nuff said)

5 babes that I could gaze at all day
Paula Patton
Scarlett Johansson
Norah Jones
Pam Grier (even till today the ultimate MILF)

Special shout out to Jessica Biel and Rihanna for the sheer beauty of their bodies. Unfortunately their faces did not allow them to make the final cut.

Top 5 attacking footballers in the world
1. Lionel Messi
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
3. Kaka
4. Cesc Fabregas
5. Ronaldinho


fantasy queen said...

i feel u on greys anatomy, its kind of losing it...
ronaldo rocks...
then u should replace me with paula patton as top people u love to stare at, i'm FQ man, i could look anyway u want me to'

fantasy queen said...

i'm first and second? must be my lucky night..

Queen of My Castle said...

Now you have me interested in reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist. SJ is hawt, I think I have a girl crush on her. Loved her in Match Point.

I aspire to keep my MILF status like Pam Grier. Her body only got/gets better with time and her face is very pleasant to gaze upon as well.

Confessions of a moody crab said...

Johnny Deep! Every morning when I wake up, I thank God for creating such unique beauty.

He's rough looking, aloof, has long hair. And that jaw? Ah...don't get me started on that jaw.....Bless his soul.

On Chesil Beach is on my 'to read list'...been meaning to read it since August. Interesting post!

curvyice said...

u come from a different angle each time but what u write makes for an interesting reading.......nice

Anonymous said...

Who is chiwetel ejifor?

Am feeling u on the jessica biel lemmi add jessica alba too i think they r both overhyped

Wots with rihanna?how come most guys dont find her attractive me thinks shes gorgeus

Ah and the book matrimony like u said enof said

I bow......

Naapali said...

The Wire is the best TV series ever made. One season changes the entire way one looks at politics, crime and punishment, war on drugs, race relations, any hot button topic you can think of. It does this w/o dehumanizing people or glorifying any one group. The Striker Bell/Omar Little rivalry being a casepoint. I have not read any of the books on your list. Shame on me I guess. Stay well.

Naapali said...

Stringer Bell that is

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

I am going to borrow this because I don't know what to blog about

UndaCovaSista said...

The Reluctant Fundamentalist has been in my Amazon basket for ages. I might just buy it now / Does Lost really get better? I gave up at the end of season 2 / Heroes is fantastic, tho' i hear the 2nd series doesnt stand up to scrutiny / Grey's Anatomy can do no wrong in my eyes...neither can Jack Bauer. Altho'i think they went overboard with the torture scenes in Season 6 / And my list of versatile actors would include Gary Oldman....

zerkhezi said...

i'm so happy you put messi as no.1 on ur list, tiny as he is, the boy is just impossible to live with. i never really thot about chiwetel till u mentioned it and truth be told the man is versatile. Greys anatomy lost me this season, i'd swap miss johanson and replace with miss alba. I can't get over rihanna's forehead,too much surface area.

Zephi said...

Scarlett is voluptous it makes a straight gal almost gay.

jessica beil's face is not cute? GTFOH..she is a hottie and she def works those two midgets behind her back

lol@ zerkehi's "surface area comment"

Isi said...

its good to see chiwetel on ur top list. me think the guy will soon carve a niche for himself in hollywood.
yes, kelis is cute isnt she? how come jessiac alba isnt on ur list? and every man's favourite gurl- beyonce (hehehe) isnt here?

Atutupoyoyo said...

@ fantasy queen: Sounds like a dare! Send your picture and I will be the judge :-)

@ queen of my castle: You will not regret reading it I assure you. Pam Grier is like mega hot. In Foxy Brown I don't think an on screen actress has ever looked hotter than she does in that movie.

@ moody crab: Johnny Depp is so intense and seems like the kind of guy you would want to actually meet and have a conversation with. Make sure you read 'On Chesil Beach'. It may not change your life but it will get you thinking about one or two things.

@ curvy: Thanks so much for reading.

@ jummy: Get yourself to the nearest videostore and rent out a copy of Dirty Pretty Things. Then when you have finished that watch Kinky Boots. Finish up the trilogy with Serenity and I promise you will never forget this young man. Rihanna is not ugly but definitely in the overhyped category I think.

@ Naapali: You constantly prove to me that you are a man of impeccable taste. The Wire IS the best thing on TV. I actually met some of the cast in a Q and A session back in February. Can you believe that Idris Elba is English? As is McNulty. The show is just so intense. As you said it really gets you thinking about the very thin line that exists between law and order. There are no good guys or bad guys as such. Some of the so called criminals actually display far more humanity than some of the cops. Great TV.

@ Catwalq: By all means luv. It is actually quite hard to do these list thingies. Took me much longer than I anticipated……..

@ Undacova: Very very good shout for Gary Oldman. He is one of those faceless actors that could just blend into any character. What? You gave up on Josh after Season 2? It does gather up pace again and answers a few questions that have been bugging me since season 1. Grey's is the best medical drama on TV but I think they underestimated the loss of Isiah. 2nd series of Heroes starts out shakily but starts picking up about episode 5.

@ Zerkhezi: Messi is the closest thing to Maradona I have seen. Chiwetel is the man and the guy is making some good choices at the moment. I do wish he had some more air-time in American Gangster though. Alba for Johansen? Close but SJ edges it for me. LMAO@ "too much surface area" Nail. Head. Hit.

@ Zephi: LOL @ two midgets behind her back. She is far from ugly but I think her face is just a little plain-looking. Not that I would kick her out of bed sha.

@ Isi: I'm telling you, Chiwetel is about to blow up big time. People need to really watch out for this guy. Alba would have made it a few years ago but I gazed at her face for so long that it is now a case of overfamiliarity

Nyemoni said...

Nice one...Haven't read any of them books..oh! and I do love my Johnny Depp!

Ms. emmotions said...

am feeling this post

Onome said...

meeen!!! I be needing to catch up on my Heroes and Grey's Anatomy(chei!)

UnNaked Soul said...

MILF? what tha *beep* is that?
pardon my ignorance...

hey, I thought you were on a peace keeping mission... what that *beep* are u doing on blogville? LOL

what's good son?

guerreiranigeriana said...

johnny depp, yes!!...chiwetel ejiofor, double yes please!!!..he is on my wish list to meet...and i don't usually care that much to meet actors/actresses...but he is damn good at what he does...his ability to convey so much with just his eyes in dirty pretty things, gees...i fell in love with him after just that movie!!!... for messi, i hate to give it to him because he is from argentina...nothing against them, in fact, some of my best friends are from argentina:)'s just that they think too highly of themselves in football because of the legacy of a drugged out, handball scoring maradona..fine...messi is good...he's damn good...will he top my list?...

...great post...loved it...trying to read some of the books you mentioned...good ole babangida...makes me think of that femi song...*runs to go play femi...loves any excuse to listen to afrobeat*...

Kafo said...

lol i feel u on Atonement

fantasy queen said...

send u my pics...uhmmmm...

i agree with u on Chiwetel, the dude is really good, soon enough he'll be a household name like denzel n co.

Lola Shoneyin said...


I'm dropping a second line! Still hoping to hear from you.



lol @ the ATM "twats"
You are, as usual, too funny.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

I don't know about those footballers ;-)

uknaija said...

No Jamelia? We demand a recount

anonymous gal said...
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anonymous gal said...

have heard so much negative stuff on this seasons greys. well thats wat they get 4 firin Isaiah. hmm neva knew the wire,heroes and entourage wr cool. thanks im fast runnin out of stuff to watch u just upped my collectiopn. LOL at Rihanna.

Jaja said... an actor to watch.. i was only teeling my flatmate this morning when I saw him on GQ mag..
havnt watched any of your movies..

watched only Bourn Ulti..
And I dare say u have the RIGHT taste for women..

How you dey sef?... this NYSC thing has distablized me abit... being in the swamps half the time..

Bitchy said...

Rihanna is HOT. And LOL @ council estate women, and those ATM twats. Many a time I have had to hold myself from yelling "NO THE MACHINE IS NOT LYING, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT, HAVE SOME DIGNITY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!"

Ooh and Chiwetel lives really near me (according to my brother who has seen him twice now and followed him - I am so ashamed)

femme said...

guess what?
i just saw kinky boots. heard so much about it but never had the chance.
the movie itself was ok but chiwetel's portrayal was wonderful. usually i stay away from the movies where they pay their dues to hollywood by being gay or transvestite or something. just wanted to tell u.

how na?