Thursday, 12 July 2007

On…….the very subtle differences between an oyinbo party and a Naija party

Oyinbo party: The host is central to the success of the party. A good host is at once flitting from guest to guest, introducing them to one another, telling anecdotes and is quite rightly, the centre of attention.
Naija party: The host, if you even now her name, is just another face at the party. If a quick poll was taken, roughly 40% of guests would have no idea who was actually throwing the party. All that they know is that they heard a party was happening in Wembley sha and they decided to 'show face'

Oyinbo party: Invitations are sent out a month in advance with at least two WORKING numbers that you can RSVP to. If you do not RSVP then it is presumed that you are not coming. Even close friends will not attend unless in possession of an invitation.
Naija party: Heenvitation is by word of mouth only or if you are lucky via Facebook. A lack of heenvitation is not a deterrent to attend the party. Ivs are for wusses.

Oyinbo party: The start and end time are clearly stated at the onset. You will find most guests arriving no more than half an hour after the start time and well in advance of the end time. The more charitable guests will even stay behind and offer to help with tidying up.
Naija party: The start time is night. The end time is morning. If you like tell people to come at 5pm that is your business. It is not uncommon for people to still be trooping in at 2 or 3 AM. Ending the party is usually the only time the host avails herself to the guests. Yes that distraught, haggard looking person begging and pleading for you to leave is actually the host.

Oyinbo party: Guests are generally mingling and genuinely trying to learn a bit more about each other. "How did you meet ?" is a particularly good ice breaker.
Naija party: Guests could care less about meeting other people. You will have landed with a posse of no less than 4 or 5 and your immediate concern is looking fly. If needs be you are quite happy to spend the whole night/morning posing, moving your shoulders up and down and drinking. The boys will huddle together in some corner smoking, drinking and laughing way too loudly. They will inevitably be discussing Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United. The occasional lone ranger will wander from the pack and actually speak to a girl. It is a temporary measure to obtain her number before he returns to awon boys.

Oyinbo party: The neighbours are preadvised that a gathering will be taking place and things might get a tad noisy. Post-gathering, the host will send round a bottle of wine to thank them for being such good sports.
Naija party: The neighbours are the last to hear of any party. This results in a cold war in which you become the most hated person in your apartment block/street. Unless of course your party is in East London in which case your neighbours are also Nigerians and are drowning out the noise from your party with their own music.

Oyinbo party: Guests are asked to bring a bottle of wine with them
Naija party: Guests leave with a bottle of wine

Oyinbo party: There will be a selection of hor's douvres and finger food.
Naija party: There will be cooked food that people will still be devouring well after midnight.

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Kafo said...

yes oooo
i guess it gives mii comfort to know that Naija parties in London are the same over here in the US

u sooo hit the nail on the head esp. with the whole Invitation thing

I'm laughing

uknaija said...

This is hilarious and so true...nice blog

catwalq said...



femme said...

oyibo party= the music plays in the back ground so every one can talk
niaja party= shina peter's 777 is a number means u have to scream to be heard

UnNaked Soul said...

LMAO!!! nice one...LOL

Atutupoyoyo said...

Lmao @ femme

@ Catwalq: Do you remember those IVs that had about 5 pages of directions printed on them?

@uknaija & unnaked : Many thanks for the love

@kafo: The Naija brand is very much standardised

Baroque said...

not so ardent fan so very serious football jist can drive me crazy sometimes, so i
lone-range and find a lady that should eventually jump into bed with me (or not)